Rayna joined the PHX team in June 2020 as our Marketing Intern. She works alongside our Marketing Director, Shae Fanning, and helps our staff at the Scottsdale office. Rayna has a long history with PHX since she was a part of our Summer Program three years ago, and recently reconnected with us. With a passion for marketing and fascination of architecture/design, she enjoys working with us to experience a blend of her interests.

Rayna is a high school senior at BASIS Scottsdale, one of our local charter schools. She will be attending NYU Stern School of Business next year as an intended Business/Marketing major. Outside of PHX, Rayna is currently working on a marketing research project with Shae, studying Marketing and Branding in the Fashion Industry. While working at our firm, she experiences the day-to-day tasks and activities of a Marketing Director, as well as the work behind our social media and PR content. Her exposure to marketing through PHX Architecture has helped her better prepare for her career ahead. Rayna is eager to learn more about business and marketing before heading off to college in the fall and we are thrilled to help her in the process.

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