PHX takes pride in honoring architects in our firm that share their experience and insight outside of the office by being active in the community. We would like to acknowledge Ron Skoog for sharing his insight and skillset for the betterment of our community, as well as finding an opportunity to educate and promote the value of the Architectural profession.

Ron recently was appointed to sit on the Enforcement Advisory Committee of the Arizona Board of Technical Registration. Every state in the US has their own governing board that oversees the licensure and professional practice of Architects, Engineers and other disciplines requiring a professional registration.  In addition to overseeing the registered professionals, this Board also serves to safeguard the public’s health, safety and welfare from unscrupulous practitioners or unlicensed people.  The Arizona Board of Technical Registration was created in 1921 by the Arizona Legislature to review applications for a professional registration, maintain rules of professional conduct for professionals, continue competency requirements of registrants, hear and act upon complaints or charges relating to professional practice of registrants or non-registrants, provide recommendations and insight to state legislators, etc.  Recent legislation has changed the composition of the Board to include fewer registrant members and more public members.  As such, there are fewer members with the technical expertise of being a registrant in Architecture or Engineering to ensure due process for complaint respondents and to protect the public who are impacted by the work of Engineers and Architects in their daily lives. The Board has asked professional registrants like Ron with sufficient qualifications to apply and if meeting Board approval, are appointed by the Board to serve.  Ron stepped up to volunteer and says that he is honored to be a part of this Board.

Ron – thank you for all you do for the PHX community and beyond we are so proud of you!

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