No two architect projects are alike. We’ve been in the architecture industry for years, and every project we’ve had the pleasure of working with has unique goals and challenges. We tailor our design approach to every project we’re involved with to find the best possible solutions. Every project in PHX Architecture’s history is completely custom.

Site Selection

PHX Architecture assists clients in selecting an appropriate site for their project. Whether the goal is to capture views, attractions, or clientele, PHX Architecture will find the best location to fit the project’s needs, as well as the client’s satisfaction. From where the sun rises and falls, to the views realized from every window location, site planning maximizes the potential of every project.

Architectural Design

PHX Architecture is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of architectural design, specializing in a wide range of building styles and types. Most importantly, we are committed to delivering the highest architectural standards — on schedule and on budget.

Consultant Coordination

Spectacular architectural design requires highly qualified tradesmen, craftsmen, and artisans to ensure that every phase of the construction process is performed to specification. PHX Architecture works closely with each subconsultant to coordinate schedules and project deadlines to maintain a healthy and efficient working environment.

Renderings, Models, 3D, CAD

PHX Architecture creates hand-rendered sketches for each client to provide understanding and an immersive experience of the design. Each rendering captures an artistic vision of the project’s aesthetic qualities, character, and use. Our professional renderings can be used in marketing and promotional materials, publications, trade show displays, and online. PHX Architecture can provide print-ready, digital image files and archival storage in common image file formats.

Space Planning

PHX Architecture understands how people live, move, and interact with each space, making us an expert in space planning. Architectural spaces can be flexible, open, and adaptable while others can be intimate, private, and exclusive. Understanding the client’s current needs, as well as potential future use for space, turns ordinary space planning into exceptional space planning.

Architectural Interiors

PHX Architecture’s interior design professionals use research, planning, and programming to create enjoyable spaces that match the look and feel sought by our clients. The goal is to design spaces that will comfort and inspire others while maintaining the client’s unique sense of style.


Research and planning are key components to achieving a successful feasibility study for a project. PHX Architecture provides a thorough outline, comprehensive financial plan, and a clear overview of the project’s requirements, helping our clients make decisions on their project with comprehensive data and timelines.

Construction Administration

PHX Architecture teams work with project consultants and the contractor to assess progress, review samples and submittals, and perform periodic site observations in order to maintain project quality throughout the construction phase. This collaborative relationship means we produce quality projects that are completed on time.

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