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October 9, 2018 by
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PHX ‘s Pop-Up series continued with an incredible exhibit with Art X Shanna. Inspired by Paris Fashion Week, Shanna created a collection of mixed-media art installations featuring luxury fashion pieces. The event took place on September 17th from 5:30-7:30pm and included light bites, a selection of wine and beer as well as French music.

As an artist, Shanna focuses her talents on creation, but she also skillfully navigates the business side of the art industry, placing great emphasis on the development of her own personal brand.

Shanna’s first major introduction into the art/fashion/branding world was seeing Gianni Versace’s incredible work in the 1990’s. She was inspired and captivated by his vision and he showed her there are no limits on where you can take art, fashion and the freedom of expression. His genius fueled her.

Shanna knows how to create a visual story that will push all boundaries of art and lend itself to PR and marketing opportunities that create visibility for her work amongst a global audience. Her ability to master art direction and personal artistry fused with savvy marketing and business technique, makes her a unique fit in the art world.

Shanna’s pieces have been celebrated by some of the biggest names in film and music. She has collaborated and/or created pieces for Madonna, Steven Tyler, Steve Jones, Kim Kardashian, Alice Cooper, Duran Duran, Queen Latifah, N’Sync, Paris Hilton, Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx, among others.

Each piece created by Shanna is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. The consistent theme you will find in Shanna’s work is that all of the people or brands highlighted have a strong sense of integrity, passion for life and are rebellious in nature. They all “Live the shit out of life.”

Shanna’s artwork will remain up until October 16th, and then we will be preparing for the next #PHXPops event occuring on November 8th featuring Hannah Friel. If you wish to recieve upcoming PHX Pops invites please email We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event soon!

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