Beverly Hills Office: PHX Team and Madison Hildebrand Look to Rebuild Malibu

February 12, 2019 by
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Following the devastation suffered by homeowners from last fall’s wildfires in Malibu and the surrounding areas, the California design community has rallied together in efforts to start the rebuilding process. Although there are still so many details up in the air for most homeowners either lost their home or portion of home to the fires, PHX alongside Madison Hildebrand and other California design teams have started to brainstorm and strategize the most efficient and effective way to begin the rebuilding process and help ease the pain of a community that has lost so much.

In late January, the PHX team of Erik Peterson, Esteban Loya and Claudio Munoz Whiting toured the devastated areas with Malibu native and famous realtor Madison Hildebrand. Hildebrand who’s community was almost completely wiped out by the fires has been monumental in promoting the Malibu relief efforts. It is the plan that the combination of Hildebrand’s extensive knowledge of the Malibu area and PHX’s award-winning design pedigree will create a design dream team that can work with homeowners to rebuild their dream homes, and to help a devastated community come back bigger and better than ever.

We look forward to keeping you informed as more of the rebuilding efforts unfold.


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