Residential Architecture After Postmodernism

July 5, 2019 by
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When considering building a new home, you may be influenced by designs from previous decades or homes you fell in love with as a child. In today’s world, it’s likely that those homes were postmodern marvels – and that their influence on your personal taste was as large as their impact on today’s residential design, overall.

The Postmodern Push-Back

Postmodernism was a reactionary trend in architecture. It got its start – and its name – as a push back against the traditional, buttoned-up silhouettes and structures that created the styles known then as modern architecture. It began in the 1960s and flourished for the next four decades as social trends pushed it in new directions in various cultural areas around the world.

The influence of postmodernist architecture can still be seen in many structures today, as these buildings are often still in use and unchanged in their primary appearance. Some of the most well-known and easily identifiable characteristics of postmodern architecture include:

  • – Complexity and fragmentation
  • – Contrast and contradiction
  • – Color and texture
  • – Camp and humor

Are We Still Living in a Postmodern World?

Some designers might argue that the postmodern architectural era has never ended. Indeed, many of today’s buildings are rooted in techniques and trends that blossomed from these ideas. However, others are insistent that more recent designs are the harbingers of a new era all their own.

Perhaps they are all correct. As with many things, it is difficult to say exactly when an artistic era begins and ends. However, it is easy to see that today’s designs are still heavily influenced by postmodernism – even those that are influenced to turn away from it by returning to more traditional styles.

Bringing Your Design Dream to Life in Today’s World

Creating a custom design for a new home in this era requires creativity. People want functionality, but also design savvy that goes beyond postmodernist appeal to evoke both whimsy and comfort. If you’re designing for your own family, you have your personal ideas of what makes a house a home, too, and integrating those into the design can be difficult.

Whether you’re looking to strike the balance between the influences of postmodernism and today’s architecture – or thinking of something entirely out of the box – you’ll want to seek the very best professionals for the job. When you need the top-quality residential architecture design in Beverly Hills, you need PHX Architecture. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you build your dream home – whatever your vision may be. !

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