We are thrilled to announce that the first two floors of our highly anticipated project, The Summit Club have officially opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The third set to break ground in late 2020.

Designed in collaboration with ClubDesign Associates, The Summit Club consists of the top three floors of one of the tallest buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The renovation totaled $8M, and provided a much needed refresh to the historic Club. Offering a relaxing place for men, women, families and business people alike, the ballroom now has increased seating capacity, and the improvements to the 31st floor included the addition of  private dining areas for small events. The renovation also included a new semi-formal and/or casual dining area with varied culinary options.

The overall goal of this design was to incorporate what catches members attention today, which is options and the overall experience. Additionally, PHX will be renovating the Penthouse which will include a more formal option for dining as well as private dining. Almost “Soho” club like, the design is upscale yet comfortable.

The PHX team included Erik Peterson, Ron Skoog, Andrea Lucarelli and Mark Schriefer. Also working on the project was ClubDesign Associates, FlintCo, and SFG -Salt Food Group.

We would also like to credit Jared Jordan, General Manager of The Summit Club and the entire team there for their collaboration and dedication.

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