Our highly anticipated Summer Camp took place in mid-June, and we are so proud of all of our PHX campers and team members that taught this year’s curriculum! Over the course of two weeks our six campers learned the ins and outs of a day in the life of being an Architect, followed up with lessons on Hand Drawing, Drawing to Scale, Space Planning, Model Making, Sketchup, Lighting and Interiors. Our lead Camp counselors were Bridget Fish (Architectural Intern) and Rayna Shah (Marketing Intern), and they both did a phenomenal job at answering all of our Campers questions and prepping them for their final “dream home” presentations which took place on June 18th.

Other staff members who were involved in this year’s camp were: Erik Peterson, Kimberly Peterson, Shae Fanning, Aundreia Fransen, Victor Andarcia, Chris Steinle, Jochen Walther, Reed Doolan, Sasha Tesanovic, Maurita Harris, Andrea Lucarelli and Stuart Jon Traynor.

Our campers all did a phenomenal job on their projects and we truly enjoyed having them at our firm! Our next camp will be in Summer of 2022. Visit our Summer Camp page on our website for more information. https://phxarch.com/summer-camp/ 


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