For over a decade Kimberly has been behind the scenes supporting PHX and her husband, Erik. In 2017, Kimberly joined PHX as the Director of Operations with a passion to create a culture that aligns with the PHX team goals and the overall goal of creating Living Architecture for our clients.

Kimberly grew up in Arizona and loves living close to her siblings and family. Kimberly’s professional background ranges from Sales Executive to Sales Manager for a leading Fortune 500 company.

Kimberly’s most coveted role over the last 18 years has been as a mother to Ridge and Noelle and wife to PHX President, Erik. Kimberly can often be found giving back to others through community service. She is currently serving as Community Liaison for Saving Amy Inc., a non-profit community that empowers the marginalized who deserve a second chance. Kimberly volunteers with the peer to peer mentor/tutoring program for local youth and teens.

Kimberly enjoys focused time with friends and family and has a deep love for their two Russian Siberian cats. Exercise, weight training, and hot yoga are staples in Kimberly’s life, and she considers her faith and love for others to be her greatest strength.

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