Estancia Contemporary

This 4 bedroom, ​bath cus­tom res­i­dence, is set against a rocky, slop­ing site near Pin­na­cle Peak in Scotts­dale, AZ. Exposed con­crete block was used to express the clean lines and solid­ity of the struc­ture. The masonry is jux­ta­posed with deep hor­i­zon­tal roof planes and large expanses of glass to marry the exte­rior and inte­rior spaces and cre­ate an open feel. Standard-​faced col­ored block was cho­sen for its purity and sim­plic­ity. A stacked bond pat­tern with raked joints is used to fur­ther express the pat­tern and beauty of the mate­r­ial, and to artic­u­late the dimen­sional cadence of space and vol­ume in each area of the house. Scored block is used on site retain­ing walls to main­tain a stacked appear­ance in a structurally-​efficient run­ning bond pat­tern. This home won the 2016 Excel­lence in Masonry Award from the Ari­zona Masonry Guild.

Spe­cial Features

Auto Court

Guest Parking


Archi­tect: Erik Peterson and Tom Bell

Con­trac­tor: The Boos Group

Interior: Lawrence Lake Interiors

Land­scape Archi­tect: Greey|Pickett