Terravita Golf + Country Club

The main goal of the Terravita Golf and Country Club renovation was to modernize and elevate the Club’s current facilities and member offerings. The scope of this renovation included the Clubhouse’s main dining room, lockers, and restrooms, bar and grill, covered outdoor patio, private dining and kitchen areas. The main goals of the design were to brighten up the private dining and main dining spaces and to create a welcoming and efficient aesthetic so that members and their guests feel at home. To create a more inviting, open feel to the main dining area – the bar area was enlarged and community tables were placed adjacent to create a more social atmosphere. Providing more options for members to choose from was a huge focal point of the stakeholders involved in this project – the addition of seating options indoors and outdoors helped meet the Club’s mission of giving members great dining options without the need to travel outside of the community.

Special Features

Private Dining

VIP Dining (In the Kitchen)

Design Team

Architect | PHX Architecture – Erik B. Peterson and Andrea Lucarelli

Contractor | Wespac AZ

Interior Designer | Studio V Interiors

Landscape Architect | Greey Pickett