Ron Skoog joined our PHX team in 2015 as our Hospitality Principal. Ron is a licensed Architect in Arizona and Nebraska, a LEED- Accredited Pro­fes­sional.

Recently Ron’s role expanded to also include the Residential side of our firm.  As Principal, Ron leads the hospitality team and assists with the processes and staffing side of our Residential team. Primarily working with our Hospitality team Ron’s role has an emphasis on 4- & 5-star Hospitality, Restaurant, and Golf Clubhouse projects. His outgoing personality allows Ron to work well with clients, lead project teams, and effec­tively­ man­age ­project ­flow. ­In ­his ­time ­with ­PHX, ­he ­has ­been instrumental in several of our recent projects, including the Arizona ­Biltmore, ­JW Marriott Camelback Inn, The Scottsdale ­Resort ­at ­McCormick ­Ranch,­ Stone Canyon ­Golf ­Club­house, Terravita Golf & Country Club and others.

Prior ­to ­join­ing­ PHX, ­Ron ­worked­ extensively ­with ­clients ­such ­as­ JW­ Mar­riot, Hilton ­and­ Fair­mont­ to ­deliver ­major­ ren­o­va­tions ­for ­lux­ury hotel ­prop­er­ties ­in ­Arizona, California, New York and Mexico City. Past experience also includes Com­mer­cial­ offices,­ Retail,­ Bank­ing, ­and ­Libraries.

Out­side of work, Ron serves on an advisory committee to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration and is a former AIA Chapter President.  Ron is also an accomplished musi­cian of multiple gen­res and often per­forms live as a drummer with a jazz ensemble, his church praise band and orchestra.  Ron also enjoys running, cycling and taking his Jeep on trail adventures.

Superpower: Shapeshifting Chameleon

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