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Renderings, Models, 3D, CAD

Ren­der­ings, Mod­els, 3D, CAD

Renderings Models 3D CAD

PHX Archi­tec­ture pro­vides hand ren­dered sketches for the client to under­stand and expe­ri­ence the design. Each ren­der­ing and view cap­tures an artis­tic vision of the projects aes­thetic qual­i­ties, char­ac­ter, and use. These pro­fes­sional ren­der­ings can be used in mar­ket­ing and pro­mo­tional mate­ri­als, pub­li­ca­tions, trade show dis­plays and online usage. PHX Archi­tec­ture can pro­vide print-​ready dig­i­tal image files and archival stor­age in com­mon image file formats.

PHX Archi­tec­ture can also pro­vide a three-​dimensional, archi­tec­tural rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the client’s design. Mod­els can be cre­ated with elab­o­rate col­or­ing, details, and land­scap­ing fea­tures to rep­re­sent the projects archi­tec­tural char­ac­ter­is­tics. These mod­els allow the client to view their design and its sur­round­ings at a detailed level.

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