You Know it’s Summer In AZ When….

  1. You don’t mind the dust storms because then there is a little shade.
  2. You plan your grocery shopping last so the ice cream won’t melt before you take it home.
  3. The daily amount of time you spend indoors is in direct proportion to the high temp- 85º/8 hr inside vs. 115º/23.5 hr inside.
  4. You consider the 30 minutes you run back and forth to your car ‘exercise’. And, the sweaty 15 minutes as the car cools down a ‘detox’.
  5. Your afternoon outdoor BBQ starts at 9pm
  6. Your dog refuses to walk outside, but he’s okay with the splashy pool.
  7. You have a running bet on how many out of town hikers will be airlifted off of Camelback.
  8. You can’t figure out why the stores have a pre-season sale on winter gear, really?
  9. You spend so much time inside that when you do hit the beach, people ask you if you are pale because you are from Norway.
  10. You think patio misters are just a convenient way to eat and have a steam facial at the same time.

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  • Good list. I’m partial to the 9PM dinner BBQ. When are you hosting? Cheers.

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