Around The Office: Studio3125

We’ve changed things up in the office again!  This time, thanks to our friends at Studio3125 in Tempe. Interiors showroom, Studio3125, is owned by Steve and Jennifer Wilkinson and displays a lifestyle brand which reflects beauty, functionality, wise space planning and attention to detail.  They look for products that inspire our souls and design philosophy.  As a full-service showroom and team of accomplished professionals from various disciplines, STUDIO 3125 offers the best quality and range of European products and services in the industry today.  They are a laboratory of ideas that combines essential and harmonious flooring and materials, kitchens and bathrooms, indoor and outdoor furniture, systems and wardrobes, lighting, doors, fireplaces, art, and acoustical paneling. To learn more about their studio, visit their website at

PHX Architecture’s office is proud to showcase modern lobby furniture and a gorgeous Italian art bench from the studio. We are also displaying art from Milan born artist, Marco Grassi. For the past ten years, Grassi has been faithful to the figurative style of his work, never allowing this to become an object of fashion or satisfying only a momentary taste. His language and subjects have remained constant and connected to his sense of vision and to the taste of his complex sensitivity. He depicts the fashionable female figure, dynamic color combinations, and a use of lacquering. Come in and see us and check it out!

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